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Colombia: Clara Lucia Valderrama

Colombia: Clara Lucia Valderrama

Clara Lucía Valderrama is a Nutritionist and dietitian with a degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.  She is our DAB in Colombia.


How long have you been working with Herbalife?

Since September 2014.


What is your role with the Company?

I am member of the Dietitian Advisory Board (DAB) for Colombia. My work has the following main components:  Development of training materials for members; training members, staff and local media about nutrition and Herbalife products; connecting with the medical and nutritional communities; working with the media as a nutritional advisor.


Why did you choose nutrition as a career?

Because I like to work with people and with food, the perfect match.


What is the best part of your job?

Sharing with people, and carrying a message of good nutrition to improve quality of life – now and the future.


Everyone, even nutritionists, has a ‘guilty pleasure’ when it comes to food.  What’s yours?

I have to be honest, I really love cinnamon rolls. I like to have one at least one every 2 weeks.


If you had just one piece of nutrition advice to give to someone, what would it be?

Before you eat, think if what you are going to eat is good for you. Good nutrition should also give you pleasure, so find balance!


What are some of the latest diet and nutrition trends in your country?

There are no defined trends, but some people have decreased the amount of portions and some foods, such as sugar. Additionally, increased water consumption and physical activity are trending.



If you weren’t a Dietitian/Nutritionist, what would you be?

A food engineer or a psychologist.


Please provide your personal favorite Formula 1 shake recipe.

OMG! I have so many recipes on my mind. However I love Piña Colada Formula 1, with and extra scoop of protein, low-fat milk, chunks of pineapple and a lot of ice.


Can you please provide a recipe that could be part of a healthy meal that represents your country/region? 

In Colombia, typical foods are high in carbohydrates, fat and calories.  A single lunch can contain more than 800 Calories. Additionally the portions are extra large. This is a dish that is typically consumed in the Colombian Caribbean Coast (usually served with rice with coconut, which adds about 210 extra calories).


Grilled fish (such as trout, tilapia or red snapper) 200 g

Tomato and avocado Salad 80 g

2 fried green plantains  40 g