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Carrot Cake vs. Chocolate Cake

Both carrot cake and chocolate cake contain Vitamin A, an important nutrient for healthy glowing skin. You may think carrot cake is a healthier alternative to chocolate cake because it contains a vegetable but when you compare the two you’ll be surprised at what you find. Herbalife nutrition expert, Susan Bowerman compares a slice of carrot cake to a slice of chocolate fudge cake and gives you the nutrition breakdown.

Vitamin A rich foods are important for healthy glowing skin but not all sources are created equal. Opting for the cake that has the healthier ingredient doesn’t really make it a healthier option. Carrot cake can also be loaded with fat, sugar and calories.

Here’s what you get when you compare a slice of carrot cake to a slice of chocolate fudge cake. Both slices of cake are the same size and same brand of cake.

A slice of carrot cake has:
300 calories
15 grams of fat
25 grams of sugar
Provides about 30% of the daily value for Vitamin A

A slice of chocolate fudget cake has:
280 calories
9 grams of fat
29 grams of sugar
2 % of the vitamin A because it doesn’t contain any carrots.

So the carrot cake does have more vitamin A than the chocolate cake, but the slice of chocolate cake has fewer calories, 2 teaspoons less fat, and slightly more sugar.

When it comes to getting the nutrients you need, don’t rely on desserts to provide you with your beneficial vitamins and minerals because the calorie costs can be too high. A single medium size carrot has 6 times the daily value of vitamin A and it will only cost you about 25 calories.

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