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Snacking on yogurt covered raisins…are they a healthy low-cal option?

Snacking on yogurt covered raisins can help ease your sweet tooth. But, keep in mind the fat, sugar, and calories in this delicious snack.

A cup (or 125 grams) of yogurt covered raisins adds up to 520 calories. In fact, to burn off the calories you consume by snacking on yogurt covered raisins, you’d have to run nonstop for an hour!

What do you get in 520 calories worth of yogurt covered raisins? 20 grams of fat and 19 teaspoons of sugar. That’s enough fat and sugar as you’d get if you snacked on three frosted cupcakes!

So next time you’re tempted to snack on yogurt covered raisins, keep in mind how much fat and sugar they contain.

What are your go-to healthy snacks? And, have you ever fallen for a favorite food that sounds healthy but packs in sugar and fat?

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