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Sweet Potato vs. Regular Fries

Sweet potato fries sound like a healthier alternative to regular fries. But does swapping regular fries for sweet potato fries make a healthier meal? Herbalife Nutrition Expert, Susan Bowerman compares the two and gives you the nutritional breakdown.

You may have noticed that sweet potato fries are turning up on more restaurant menus as an alternative to regular fries. Both sweet potatoes and white potatoes have similar nutritional values with the exception that sweet potatoes have more potassium and more vitamin A. But opting for the fries that have the healthier ingredient doesn’t really make them a healthier option.

An order of regular French fries has about 400 calories, 16g of fat and 1g of natural sugar.

An order of sweet potato fries also has about 400 calories and 16g of fat but has more natural sugar at 19g! And, since sweet potatoes are sweeter, people have the tendency to over-salt them. That means when you eat sweet potato fries, you may be consuming more sodium than you would from regular fries.

When it comes to choosing between regular or sweet potato fries, what you really want to consider is the cooking method. How you cook an ingredient affects the nutritional value. Baking, roasting and grilling are great alternatives to maximize the nutrition you get from sweet or regular potatoes while saving on calories and fat. You can also use herbs and spices, such as rosemary, thyme, or garlic powder to amp up the flavor of your fries without adding salt.

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